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RealVue 3D Packager - 1st License

FFEI 3D visualisation software - interactive, 360˚ packaging design creation

FFEI RealVue 3D-Packager is a complete 3D visualisation tool specifically designed for creative professionals involved in the design and communication of advanced print and packaging designs.
  • Simulate structural design
  • Explore different print finish and surface effects
  • Supports a wide range of substrates
Preview the impact of a wide range of substrate and print related effects early on in the concept definition stages, before a physical mock up is commissioned. These include substrate colour, thickness and texture as well as a wide range of print finishing effects such as UV varnish, opaque whites, embossing and foils.

RealVue 3D-Packager will synchronise in real-time with Adobe Illustrator updating the 3D model as artwork is added or modified. This offers a working 3D reference throughout the creative design process allowing designers to experiment and preview changes on screen.

Files can be exported to clients in a portable 3D format offering viewing and annotation within a standard web browser. RealVue 3D-Packager’s unique multi-viewpoint animated folding sequence allows stakeholders to view the construction of the final product from flat substrate to fully folded state.

RealVue 3D-Packager will help to streamline communication, improve product-time-to market and reduce overall development costs, offering a number of features that enable rapid developments of 3D prototypes:

Streamline Communication - Deliver 3D digital mock-ups directly to a client’s inbox within minutes of completing the latest design iteration. Clients can view and annotate within a standard web browser.

A reduction of physical mock-ups - Use RealVue 3D-Packager’s unique exportable PVU file to deliver multi-dimensional mock-ups in place of intermediate physical proofs.

Test multiple design concepts quickly - Offer clients several creative concepts early on in the design process with minimal preparation time compared to producing traditional physical mock-ups.

Demonstrate the impact of media type and thickness - Work with clients to experiment and view the impact of a wide range of substrates and surface finishes.

Real-time parallel prototyping with Adobe Illustrator - Synchronise artwork edits with the working 3D model previewing the impact on-screen.

Explore print finishing options during early design stages - Accurately demonstrate the result of using a wide range of print specific finishes including varnish, opaque whites, special inks, metallic and embossing without committing to sample print costs.

Easy integration - Designers can enhance existing work practices by producing high quality 3D visuals of their packaging designs using a Mac or PC.
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RealVue 3D Packager - 1st License

Kod produktu: FFEI001
  Cena netto: PLN 20650.00
  Cena brutto (z VAT): PLN 24780.00
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