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PANTONE Graphics and Print – professional guides from the world’s colour experts

PANTONE PLUS Formula Guide and Color Bridge are an essential tool for printers, and extremely useful references for graphic designers.

This extensive selection of colour accurate fan guides, chips books and colour library software offer 1,677 Solid colours to satisfy the most discerning of colour requirements. PANTONE Metallics, Premium Metallics, Pastels and Neons provide beneficial references to all. PANTONE Chip Books are an ideal solution to help designers develop colour ways, and communicate them to the client.

PANTONE PLUS Formula Guide Coated & Uncoated
£97.99 ex VAT
 SAVE £7.01

PANTONE Capsure & Formula Guide Bundle
£469.20 ex VAT
 SAVE £40.80

PANTONE PLUS ColorBridge Guide Coated
£99.00 ex VAT
 SAVE £11.00

PANTONE PLUS ColorBridge Guide Uncoated
£99.00 ex VAT
 SAVE £11.00

PANTONE PLUS ColorBridge Set Coated & Uncoated
£166.25 ex VAT
 SAVE £8.75

PANTONE PLUS CMYK Guide Set Coated & Uncoated
£96.60 ex VAT
 SAVE £8.40

PANTONE PLUS Starter Guide
£38.64 ex VAT
 SAVE £3.36

PANTONE PLUS Solid Guide set
£207.00 ex VAT
 SAVE £18.00

PANTONE PLUS Solid Color set
£234.60 ex VAT
 SAVE £20.40

£250.75 ex VAT
 SAVE £44.25

PANTONE PLUS Portable Guide Studio
£389.50 ex VAT
 SAVE £20.50

PANTONE PLUS Reference Library Complete
£828.00 ex VAT
 SAVE £72.00

PANTONE PLUS Pastels and Neons coated & Uncoated Guide
£55.20 ex VAT
 SAVE £4.80

PANTONE PLUS Metallics Guide Coated
£55.20 ex VAT
 SAVE £4.80

PANTONE PLUS Metallics Guide Set
£84.64 ex VAT
 SAVE £7.36

PANTONE PLUS Premium Metallics Guide Coated
£55.20 ex VAT
 SAVE £4.80

£30.40 ex VAT
 SAVE £1.60
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