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  Epson ink
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Epson and Canon inks for the photographic professional

For outstanding quality prints, choosing the right ink is vital. Epson UltraChrome K3 with Vivid Magenta ink sets offer exceptional results and are specifically designed for use with Epson’s Stylus Pro range of professional printers. The Canon Lucia inks have been developed to deliver natural tones in colour and black-and-white for photography and are for use with the Canon iPF range of printers.  
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Epson T6128 cartridge - 220ml Matte black ink for 7400, 7450, 7800, 7880, 9400, 9450, 9800, 9880 £62.59 EPSN234
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Epson T5966 cartridge - 350ml Vivid Light Magenta ink for 7900, 9900 £99.35 EPSN277
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Epson T6361 cartridge - 700ml Photo Black ink for 7900, 9900 £186.00 EPSN283
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Epson T6362 cartridge - 700ml Cyan ink for 7900, 9900 £186.00 EPSN284
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Epson T6363 cartridge - 700ml Vivid Magenta ink for 7900, 9900 £186.00 EPSN285
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Epson T6364 cartridge - 700ml Yellow ink for 7900, 9900 £186.00 EPSN286
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Epson T6365 cartridge - 700ml Light Cyan ink for 7900, 9900 £186.00 EPSN287
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Epson T6366 cartridge - 700ml Vivid Light Magenta ink for 7900, 9900 £186.00 EPSN288
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Epson T6367 cartridge - 700ml Light Black ink for 7900, 9900 £186.00 EPSN289
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Epson T6368 cartridge - 700ml Matte Black ink for 7900, 9900 £186.00 EPSN290
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Epson T636A cartridge - 700ml Orange ink ink for 7900, 9900 £186.00 EPSN292
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Epson T636B cartridge - 700ml Green ink for 7900, 9900 £186.00 EPSN293
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Epson T5917 cartridge - 700ml Light Black ink for 11880 £186.00 EPSN260
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